Ally (nickles893) wrote,


buFfdUDe1818:what, who are you?
Sexyma43254:My name is Samantha Clit, and this is Mike Hurff, right?

buFfdUDe1818:Yeah, I am eating spaghetti

Sexyma43254:Oh, well i think your hot and i want to see you tonight.

buFfdUDe1818:I don't even know you

Sexyma43254:but i know you

buFfdUDe1818:oh...well you aren't going to sneek through my window then bladerape me, then skin me alive, then hang my remains, then eat them are you? make sure you sleep in your little brothers room and go to the window when you hear a knock...and don't have a weapon near you.

buFfdUDe1818:Alright...ill make sure im just in boxers and im as vulnerable as possible.

Sexyma43254:Oh, and make sure your brother is vulnerable too...and dont wake him up if you are disturbed by anything.


That night, Mike went into his brother's room and slept with him(occasionaly rubbing his genitalia against his brother's soft and velvety anus). But he awoke due to a tap at a window that a preverted/psychotic girl could fit through. He got up and leaned foward while putting his hands behind his back and walked to the window....he opened the window and leaned over the sill as far as he could to see if anyone was there...nothing...just some branches and a squirrel. He turned around and saw his brother bleeding through his ears and mouth...Mike went to check it out...but when he got there he realized his brother had stopped breathing! He then saw a hand coming out of his closet door. He didn't think twice about not telling his parents or grabbing a weapon. instead he decided to be smart and go open the closet door. And suprisingly there was a sick girl there...she stood 4'11 and had no mouth. her eyes were baby blue and she had blood soaked brown hair. Then she grabbed mike by the neck...threw him on the ground and bladeraped him, then skinned him alive, hung his remains and ate them.


The next day the boys little sister Megan who was only 5 went into her little brothers room only to find them both dead. She screamed and her parents ran in....they were devestated and cried for 3 days straight...they died from water loss and the little girl was left she went and lived with a foster home...she went on her new families computer and got an IM....

YoIminHell69:Hey lil sis

Heyimurlilsis1314:Hoo is dis?

YoIminHell69:its your brother.

Heyimurlilsis1314:I dont have a brother

YoIminHell69:yes you do, you have two...remember we were just
killed a few days ago.

Heyimurlilsis1314:no...i don't...

Heyimurlilsis1314:wait, yes i do.

YoIminHell69:good good

Heyimurlilsis1314:wait, aren't you dead?

YoIminHell69:yeah, hell has computers

Heyimurlilsis1314:but why are you in hell?

YoIminHell69:i kinda touched my lil bro that night...but thats not the point.

Heyimurlilsis1314:oh so what do you want?

YoIminHell69:well i need you to go kill anyone who doesnt pass on my murder story after they read it.

Heyimurlilsis1314:okay...i'll do that...i have infinite transportation to everywhere in america and some parts of europe.'d work better if you killed yourself...then you could run around everywhere murdering people who dont pass on this chain letter and the government would NEVER get involved with the mysterious deaths stemming from passed on internet stories.

Heyimurlilsis1314:So you want me to enforce those chainletters that take up all the space on blog sites like myspace,livejournal,xanga and all other email systems.

YoIminHell69:yeah...that would be sure when you die you will get an instant psychic connection to everyone's computer and know who read what, when.

Heyimurlilsis1314:oh, yeah, i probably will...awesome...ill go kill myself now.

Later that night the girl killed herself and became an all powerful and almost omnipresent being...Megan now spends her days bladeraping,skinning,hanging,and eating people who don't pass on this chain letter.

Watch out...cause if you dont pass this on in 35 seconds you will be Bladeraped, skinned, hung, then eaten by megan...who is now ugly and deformed looking because she is dead and vengeful.

GOOD LUCK(because it takes luck to repost a fucking bulletin or forward an email)
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