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The Truth Is...

Why can't life be easier?  I always fuck things up.  This time...I don't know what to I do what I want...or what about 5 other people want me to do?  I don't want to risk losing the friendships that have been rebuilt...but then again...I don't want to go through the lonliness all over again. 

I wrote this last night...
This whole thing is like a slap in the face.  You see it coming...but you don't want to stop it.  You want to wait...and see if it'll actually happen.  And then it does.  It happens so fast...and then the numbness sets in.'s over.  You don't feel it anymore.

I don't want our friendship to be a slap in the you?

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<3 I'm sorry Ally, for whatever is going on. I hope all goes well...if it doesn't...then I guess somone else will have to tell you a story like your "cock-eyed" one. X_X Love ya' babe!

Be happy :-/

how's jo jo ;-) so random.

awww sorry you dont see like your normal happy self....feel better and call me again biatch!

much love
You should do what you want. Because you shouldn't listen to what other people tell's what you want. Not what they want. Then you'll be unhappy with your decision. As for the people that are forcing you to make a decision you don't want, they won't be true friends if they don't respect your decision. A friend stands by your side, not ditches you just because you didn't do what they were telling you to do. They should respect what you want, and they should support you in your time of indecision. You shouldn't fear losing friendships, because if they were real friendships you wouldn't lose them over something such as this.
hey, i know we havent talked for a while but just want to let u know that ur not alone. if u want to talk just send me a message or call me.